Territory Policies

Welcome to BURLEBO! We are so excited to be working with you. Below are our Territory Policies that we put in place to protect your store front. 

  • Opening order if approved MUST reach $1,500
  • Seasonal opening minimum $1,500 (every Spring and Fall season)
  • Products must be sold at MSRP pricing
  • $300 reorder minimum when checking out 
  • No territory protection for online stores

Our territory protection policies cover a population radius of 30,000 people. This is subject to change based on situation. If your town is over 30,000 in population, the territory protection radius changes to 3 miles. If your population is less than 30,000 people, you are guaranteed territory protection in your town. 

We do NOT protect by zip code.

For a larger territory protection radius, you must reach $20,000 per year!